Brothers A Tale of Two Sons 全成就達成一覽


  Call of the giants:用弓箭射擊巨人屍體開路旁的號角,哥哥吹響即可
  Take a break 一開始的時候放下父親,溜到下面的沙灘上,盡頭有個石堆,觸發打水漂劇情即可
  Whale song 雪山伐木那邊繼續向前,兩兄弟坐在那個長凳上即可觸發
  Behind the curtain 冰山劃水那裡穿過血瀑布解鎖
  Black sheep 把羊抓到染黑兔子的灰堆裡就OK了
  Bunny buddies 需要抓羊驅動的地方向左走,染黑白兔子
  Windpipe 在滑翔那邊向上走,弟弟操作吹的需要轉動手柄的杠杆,哥哥操作推動的杠杆,卡到合適點位
  A sad tune 救下那個上吊的人,並從樹屋後面繞過去拾到音樂盒交給那個人
  Wishing well 第二章把小女孩的球丟到井裡去即可達成
  Turtle soap 跟著蜘蛛女經過大海龜時把三個小海龜推到滑梯即可
  Love Birds 愛鳥:
  To get this achievement you need to release the bird in Chapter 1 and find it again in erChapter 4
  In Chapter 1 you'll need to get up a hill to get to the area with the rabbits and the sheep. When you walk onto the wooden plattform you'll see a cage with a parrot in it. Open the cage with the little brother and just play the game like you normally would untill you arrive at the professors place.
  In Chapter 4 you'll arrive at the mentioned place where the professor lives. When you go down the stairs towards your objective you'll see a telescope. Interact with it and look to the bottom right. You'll see one bird sitting there. Focus the camera on him and zoom in if needed to trigger a little cutscene and get the achievement to pop
  在第四章中你走到了教授住的地方,走上臺階,到能夠看到一架望遠鏡的地方。使用望遠鏡,並且向下、再向右方看,會發現有一隻鳥。把鏡頭對準它並且放大,如果正確的話可以出發過場動畫#兩隻鳥在一起的happy ending……#,然後獲得成就。
  Falling star 流星:
  You can get this achievement in Chapter 3
  At the beginning of this chapter you'll be in a dark forest, being attacked by wolves. After you made your way through the forest you'll be at a graveyard. Right in front of you will be a bench and to your right a statue. Go to the statue,
  Important: You have to use only the little brother to trigger the falling star and unlock the achievement. Thx @ B A R 4 D for clearing it up completely

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